[Spring] Spring Cloud Config 설정 파일 적용

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spring config client  에 server config 파일이 존재 할 경우 적용 안되는 문제를 해결 하기 위해 아래 설정을 하면 됩니다.




1.4. Overriding the Values of Remote Properties

The property sources that are added to your application by the bootstrap context are often “remote” (from example, from Spring Cloud Config Server). By default, they cannot be overridden locally. If you want to let your applications override the remote properties with their own system properties or config files, the remote property source has to grant it permission by setting spring.cloud.config.allowOverride=true (it does not work to set this locally). Once that flag is set, two finer-grained settings control the location of the remote properties in relation to system properties and the application’s local configuration:

  • spring.cloud.config.overrideNone=true: Override from any local property source.

  • spring.cloud.config.overrideSystemProperties=false: Only system properties, command line arguments, and environment variables (but not the local config files) should override the remote settings.

      uri: xxxx
      allowOverride: true
      overrideNone: true
      overrideSystemProperties: false


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