[Elasticsearch]7.x breaking changes.

Elastic/Elasticsearch 2020. 5. 27. 14:05

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thread_pool.listener.size and thread_pool.listener.queue_size have been deprecated
cluster.remote.connect is deprecated in favor of node.remote_cluster_client
auth.password deprecated, auth.secure_password setting instead.
Deprecation of sparse vector fields
The vector functions of the form function(query, doc['field']) are deprecated, and the form function(query, 'field') should be used instead. 
The nGram and edgeNGram tokenizer names haven been deprecated with 7.6. 
	-> The tokenizer name should be changed to the fully equivalent ngram or edge_ngram names for new indices and in index templates.
Starting in version 7.4, a + in a URL will be encoded as %2B by all REST API functionality.
	-> es.rest.url_plus_as_space to true
After starting each shard the elected master node must perform a reroute to search for other shards that could be allocated. (>7.4)
Auto-release of read-only-allow-delete block
	-> es.disk.auto_release_flood_stage_block: true
pidfile setting is being replaced by node.pidfile
processors setting is being replaced by node.processors
The common query has been deprecated.
	-> match query
Only a single port may be given for each seed host.
	-> "" then Elasticsearch would only use for discovery.
The http.tcp_no_delay setting is deprecated in 7.1. It is replaced by http.tcp.no_delay.
The network.tcp.connect_timeout setting is deprecated in 7.1
	-> transport.connect_timeout.
transport.tcp.port is replaced by transport.port
transport.tcp.compress is replaced by transport.compress
transport.tcp.connect_timeout is replaced by transport.connect_timeout
transport.tcp_no_delay is replaced by transport.tcp.no_delay
transport.profiles.profile_name.tcp_no_delay is replaced by transport.profiles.profile_name.tcp.no_delay
transport.profiles.profile_name.tcp_keep_alive is replaced by transport.profiles.profile_name.tcp.keep_alive
transport.profiles.profile_name.reuse_address is replaced by transport.profiles.profile_name.tcp.reuse_address
transport.profiles.profile_name.send_buffer_size is replaced by transport.profiles.profile_name.tcp.send_buffer_size
transport.profiles.profile_name.receive_buffer_size is replaced by transport.profiles.profile_name.tcp.receive_buffer_size
delimited_payload_filter renaming
	-> delimited_payload
The standard token filter has been removed
The standard_html_strip analyzer has been deprecated,
	-> combination of the standard tokenizer and html_strip char_filter
Shard preferences _primary, _primary_first, _replica, and _replica_first are removed
indices.breaker.fielddata.limit has been lowered from 60% to 40% of the JVM heap size.
The index_options field for numeric fields has been deprecated in 6 and has now been removed.
The classic similarity has been removed.
Adaptive replica selection has been enabled by default.
Semantics changed for max_concurrent_shard_requests
	->  In 7.0 this changed to be the max number of concurrent shard requests per node. The default is now 5
Negative boosts are not allowed
The filter context has been removed from Elasticsearch’s query builders, the distinction between queries and filters is now decided in Lucene depending on whether queries need to access score or not.
Tribe node functionality has been removed in favor of Cross Cluster Search.
Camel case and underscore parameters deprecated in 6.x have been removed
The default for node.name is now the hostname
The setting node.store.allow_mmapfs has been renamed to node.store.allow_mmap.
The setting http.enabled previously allowed disabling binding to HTTP, only allowing use of the transport client. This setting has been removed, as the transport client will be removed in the future, thus requiring HTTP to always be enabled.
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