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  1. 2016.02.25 [개념] stateful vs stateless ..

[개념] stateful vs stateless ..

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stateful 과 stateless 라는 말이 나오는데.. 찾아 보면 튜링이 어쩌고 람다가 어쩌고 나옵니다.

그리고 상태를 저장하고 저장하지 않고 뭐 그렇다는데요.

초간단하게 정리된 내용을 발견해서 기록해 봅니다.

Stateless - There's no memory (state) that's maintained by the program

Stateful - The program has a memory (state)

To illustrate the concept of state I'll define a function which is stateful and one which is stateless


//The state is derived by what is passed into the function

function int addOne(int number)
    return number + 1;


//The state is maintained by the function

private int _number = 0; //initially zero 

function int addOne()
    return _number;

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