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  1. 2013.02.18 split brain to elasticsearch.

split brain to elasticsearch.

Elastic/Elasticsearch 2013.02.18 18:04

Prevent a split-brain to elasticsearch.

[Recommended Configuration]


minimum_master_nodes: 2

discovery.zen.ping.unicast.hosts: [node2, node1]



minimum_master_nodes: 2

discovery.zen.ping.unicast.hosts: [node1, node2]

split-brain situations?

In case of Clustering

- problem network communications.

- corrupt data of each nodes.

Other references.


HA clusters usually use a heartbeat private network connection which is used to monitor the health and status of each node in the cluster. One subtle but serious condition all clustering software must be able to handle is split-brain, which occurs when all of the private links go down simultaneously, but the cluster nodes are still running. If that happens, each node in the cluster may mistakenly decide that every other node has gone down and attempt to start services that other nodes are still running. Having duplicate instances of services may cause data corruption on the shared storage.

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