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  1. 2014.02.13 [elasticsearch] wow 1.0.0 released!!

[elasticsearch] wow 1.0.0 released!!

Elastic/Elasticsearch 2014.02.13 10:48


ㅎㅎ 드뎌 릴리즈 되었내요.

아래는 블로그에 올라와 있는 key features 입니다.

The main features available in 1.0 are:

  • Snapshot/Restore API

    Backup or restore select indices or the whole cluster to a shared filesystem, S3 or HDFS via a simple API.

    Blog: Introducing snapshot & restore, Docs: Snapshot/Restore

  • Aggregations

    Aggregations are “facets” reborn, providing more powerful, more flexible real-time analytics. Aggregations can be combined with each other and nested, to slice and dice your data exactly the way you want it. Includes the new geohash grid aggregation for geo-clustering.

    Blog: Data visualization with elasticsearch aggregations and D3, Docs: Aggregations

  • Distributed Percolation

    Percolation is search reversed: instead of running a query to find matching docs, we can percolate a document to find matching queries. While percolation was already available before, this release makes percolation distributed, so that it will scale with your cluster. Percolation now supports highlighted search snippets, aggregations and bulk percolation.

    Blog: Redesigned percolator, Docs: Percolator

  • cat API

    Easy to read, console-based insight into what is happening in your cluster. Particularly useful to the sysadmin when the alarm goes off at 3am and JSON is too difficult to read.

    Blog: Introducing the cat API, Docs: cat API

  • Federated search

    The tribe node joins multiple clusters and acts as a federated client. Almost all operations are supported: distributed search, suggestions, percolation. You can even index into multiple clusters with the tribe node. Alternatively, you can set a tribe node to not allow any write operations, making it read-only.

    Docs: Tribe node

  • Doc values

    Some of those beautiful aggregations can use a lot of memory, especially when they involve text fields. Doc values store field values on disk rather than in memory, allowing you to run aggregations on much bigger datasets, at the cost of a little performance.

    Blog: disk-based field data a.k.a. doc values, Docs: Doc Values

  • Circuit breaker

    There are a few sharp edges in Elasticsearch, places where you can hurt yourself if you are not careful. We are working on adding “circuit breaker” functionality to prevent you from doing so. The first circuit breaker detects attempts to load too much fielddata into memory, which may cause OOM (out of memory) exceptions. More circuit breakers will follow.

    Docs: Fielddata circuit breaker

0.90.11 에서 1.0.0 으로 버전 올렸는데 일단 문제 없이 마이그레이션은 바로 되내요.

일단 기본 검색 기능들도 잘 동작 하구요.

API 변경은 소스코드나 github 에 change log 를 봐야겠내요.

일단 기존에 구현하던 프로젝트에 1.0.0 적용한 바로는 ㅎㅎ 문제 없내요.


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