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  1. 2015.07.27 [MacPorts] Mac Ports 재설치.
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[MacPorts] Mac Ports 재설치.

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맥북에서 mac port 문제가 있어서 위 문서 보고 재 설치 했습니다.

제 맥북은 MacPorts 2.3.3. 이였습니다.

The OS X package installer automatically installs MacPorts, sets the shell environment, and runs a selfupdate operation to update the ports tree and MacPorts base with the latest release.

  1. Download the latest MacPorts-2.3.3-....pkg installer from the MacPorts download directory. Here are direct links for the latest versions of OS X:

  2. Double-click the downloaded package installer to perform the default easy install.

  3. After this step you are done already, MacPorts is now installed and your shell environment was set up automatically by the installer. To confirm the installation is working as expected, now try using port in a new terminal window.

    $ port version
    Version: 2.3.3

    In case of problems such as command not found, make sure that you opened a new terminal window or consult Section 2.5, “MacPorts and the Shell”. Otherwise, please skip the remainder of this chapter and continue with Chapter 3, Using MacPorts in this guide.

재 설치 하고 나니 잘 됩니다.

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1. David will visit L.A. in the near future.

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2. Technicians removed some papers from the safe.


3. We have to find a safe port some where between here and there.


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