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  1. 2013.02.05 elasticsearch-jetty plugin run tips
  2. 2013.02.02 Elasticsearch jetty plugin + authenticate

elasticsearch-jetty plugin run tips

Elastic/Elasticsearch 2013.02.05 17:13

I have installed the elasticsearch-jetty plugin on my box.

My box is configured by single instance using elasticsearch.

By the way, It's not working on my box.


So, I analyzed the configuration that elasticsearch-jetty is working.

Finally, I found difference assets.

[Not Working Configure]

- It just configured used Single Instance.

[Working Configure] 

- It just configured used Multiple Instance.

I don't know what is the exact reason.

I'll deep dive the problem soon.

I referenced the below url.


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Elasticsearch jetty plugin + authenticate

Elastic/Elasticsearch 2013.02.02 22:38

I didn't install this plugin(elasticsearch-jetty) but it will apply on my ES soon.
More detail information read the below url.



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