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  1. 2008.02.20 JavaScript DOM
  2. 2008.02.20 내장객체, BOM, DOM, 사용자 정의 객체
  3. 2007.12.06 XML DOM Node Types
  4. 2007.10.12 The XSLT/JavaScript Interface in Gecko
  5. 2007.09.06 DOM Client Object Cross-Reference:document
  6. 2007.04.06 [강좌] debug 창

JavaScript DOM

ITWeb/개발일반 2008.02.20 17:34

-Retrieving nodes

Document tree structure

사용자 삽입 이미지

-child, sibling, parent

사용자 삽입 이미지

Walk the DOM
-Using recursion, follow the firstChild node, and then the nextSibling nodes.
§function walkTheDOM(node, func) {
§ func(node);
§ node = node.firstChild;
§ while (node) {
§ walkTheDOM(node, func);
§ node = node.nextSibling;
§ }

-node.currentStyle.stylename Only IE
-document.defaultView(). getComputedStyle(node, ""). getPropertyValue(stylename);
§var oDiv = document.getElementById("div1");
§var nHeight = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(oDiv, null).getPropertyValue("height");

Style names

Making elements
§var hr = document.createElement("hr");
§var txt = document.createTextNode("Hello!");
§cloneNode(true) clones the whole subtree rooted at the node
§cloneNode(false) only the node itself (and any attributes if it is an element) is cloned
curr_node = root.firstChild;
var new_node = curr_node.cloneNode(true);

Linking elements
-node.insertBefore(new, sibling)
-node.replaceChild(new, old)
-old.parentNode.replaceChild(new, old)
Removing elements

-The W3C standard does not provide access to the HTML parser.
-All A browsers implement Microsoft's innerHTML property.
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내장객체, BOM, DOM, 사용자 정의 객체

ITWeb/개발일반 2008.02.20 16:47
자바스크립트 내장 객체

브라우저 객체 모델(BOM) 객체

The Document Object Model (DOM) is an API for HTML and XML documents.
-Core DOM
§defines a standard set of objects for any structured document
§defines a standard set of objects for XML documents
§defines a standard set of objects for HTML documents
DOM 객체
DOM Level 1,2,3
§DOM1 : 1997~1998
§DOM2 : 2000~2003
§DOM3 : 2004
DOM Level 1
DOM Level 1 (SE)
DOM Level 2 Core
DOM Level 2 HTML
DOM Level 2 Views
DOM Level 2 Style
DOM Level 2 Events
DOM Level 2 Traversal-Range
DOM Level 3 Requirements
DOM Level 3 Core
DOM Level 3 Events
DOM Level 3 Load and Save
DOM Level 3 Validation
DOM Level 3 XPath
DOM Level 3 Views

개발자가 만든 사용자 정의 객체
-JavaScript objects prototype.
§YAHOO.util.Connect = {
§Profiler = function () {
var getProfilers; // private
this.getProfiler = function () {…} // public
§String.prototype.trim = functoin () {}
§Profiler = new Object();
Profiler.title = YAHOO;
Profiler.author = “Jerry”;

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XML DOM Node Types

ITWeb/개발일반 2007.12.06 14:41
dynamic 하게 dom 객체를 생성하거나 해서 삽입하고 할때 알고 있어야 하는 코드들이라서 올려 봅니다.
뭐 저 한테 필요한 거라 이곳에 기록해 두기는 하는 거지만 DOM 을 공부 하시는 분들은 필요한 정보 같아 공유해 봅니다.

ref. http://www.w3schools.com/dom/dom_nodetype.asp

Node Types

The following table lists the different W3C node types, and which node types they may have as children:

Node type Description Children
Document Represents the entire document (the root-node of the DOM tree) Element (max. one), ProcessingInstruction, Comment, DocumentType
DocumentFragment Represents a "lightweight" Document object, which can hold a portion of a document Element, ProcessingInstruction, Comment, Text, CDATASection, EntityReference
DocumentType Provides an interface to the entities defined for the document None
ProcessingInstruction Represents a processing instruction None
EntityReference Represents an entity reference Element, ProcessingInstruction, Comment, Text, CDATASection, EntityReference
Element Represents an element Element, Text, Comment, ProcessingInstruction, CDATASection, EntityReference
Attr Represents an attribute Text, EntityReference
Text Represents textual content in an element or attribute None
CDATASection Represents a CDATA section in a document (text that will NOT be parsed by a parser) None
Comment Represents a comment None
Entity Represents an entity Element, ProcessingInstruction, Comment, Text, CDATASection, EntityReference
Notation Represents a notation declared in the DTD None

Node Types - Return Values

The following table lists what the nodeName and the nodeValue properties will return for each node type:

Node type nodeName returns nodeValue returns
Document #document null
DocumentFragment #document fragment null
DocumentType doctype name null
EntityReference entity reference name null
Element element name null
Attr attribute name attribute value
ProcessingInstruction target content of node
Comment #comment comment text
Text #text content of node
CDATASection #cdata-section content of node
Entity entity name null
Notation notation name null

NodeTypes - Named Constants

NodeType Named Constant

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The XSLT/JavaScript Interface in Gecko

ITWeb/개발일반 2007.10.12 15:24

  1. Introduction
  2. JavaScript/XSLT Bindings
  3. Basic Example
  4. Setting Parameters
  5. Advanced Example
  6. Interface List
  7. Resources
tags : dom, XML, XSLT
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DOM Client Object Cross-Reference:document

ITWeb/개발일반 2007.09.06 00:06

DOM Client Object Cross-Reference:document

From MDC

User Agent Property Read Only Data Type Default Value
Gecko-1.0.1+ ATTRIBUTE_NODE false number 2
Gecko-1.0.1+ CDATA_SECTION_NODE false number 4
Gecko-1.0.1+ COMMENT_NODE false number 8
Gecko-1.0.1+ DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT_NODE false number 11
Gecko-1.0.1+ DOCUMENT_NODE false number 9
Gecko-1.7.8+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINED_BY false number 16
Gecko-1.4+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINS false number 4
Gecko-1.7.8+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINS false number 8
Gecko-1.7.8+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_DISCONNECTED false number 1
Gecko-1.4+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_FOLLOWING false number 2
Gecko-1.7.8+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_FOLLOWING false number 4
Gecko-1.4+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_IS_CONTAINED false number 8
Gecko-1.4+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_PRECEDING false number 1
Gecko-1.7.8+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_PRECEDING false number 2
Gecko-1.0.1+ DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE false number 10
Gecko-1.0.1+ ELEMENT_NODE false number 1
Gecko-1.0.1+ ENTITY_NODE false number 6
Gecko-1.0.1+ ENTITY_REFERENCE_NODE false number 5
Gecko-1.0.1+ NOTATION_NODE false number 12
Gecko-1.0.1+ PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION_NODE false number 7
Gecko-1.0.1+ TEXT_NODE false number 3
Gecko-1.0.1+ URL true string
IE-6.0+ URL true string
Opera-8.0+ URL true string
IE-6.0+ URLUnencoded true string
IE-6.0+ XMLDocument true object
IE-6.0+ XSLDocument true object
IE-6.0+ activeElement true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ activeElement false object null
Gecko-1.7.8+ actualEncoding true string ISO-8859-1
Gecko-1.0.1+ addBinding true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ addEventListener true function
Opera-8.0+ addEventListener true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ adoptNode true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ alinkColor false string
Gecko-1.4+ alinkColor false string #0000ee
Gecko-1.7.8+ alinkColor false string #ee0000
IE-6.0+ alinkColor false string #0000ff
Opera-8.0+ alinkColor false string
IE-6.0+ all true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ all true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ anchors true object [object HTMLCollection]
IE-6.0+ anchors true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ anchors true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ appendChild true function
Opera-8.0+ appendChild true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ applets true object [object HTMLCollection]
IE-6.0+ applets true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ applets true function
IE-6.0+ attachEvent true function
Opera-8.0+ attachEvent true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ attributes true object null
IE-6.0+ attributes true object null
Opera-8.0+ attributes true object null
Gecko-1.4+ baseURI true string
Gecko-1.0.1+ bgColor false string #ffffff
IE-6.0+ bgColor false string #ffffff
Opera-8.0+ bgColor false string
Gecko-1.0.1+ body true object [object HTMLBodyElement]
Gecko-1.7.8+ body false object [object HTMLBodyElement]
IE-6.0+ body true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ body false object [object HTMLBodyElement]
Gecko-1.0.1+ captureEvents true function
Opera-8.0+ captureEvents true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ characterSet true string
Gecko-1.7.8+ characterSet true string ISO-8859-1
IE-6.0+ charset false string
Gecko-1.0.1+ childNodes true object [object NodeList]
IE-6.0+ childNodes true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ childNodes true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ clear true function
IE-6.0+ clear true function
Opera-8.0+ clear true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ cloneNode true function
Opera-8.0+ cloneNode true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ close true function
IE-6.0+ close true function
Opera-8.0+ close true function
Gecko-1.4+ compareDocumentPosition true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ compatMode true string BackCompat
IE-6.0+ compatMode true string [BackCompat | CSS1Compat]
Opera-8.0+ compatMode false string QuirksMode
Gecko-1.0.1+ contentType true string text/html
Gecko-1.0.1+ cookie false string
IE-6.0+ cookie false string
Opera-8.0+ cookie false string
Gecko-1.0.1+ createAttribute true function
IE-6.0+ createAttribute true function
Opera-8.0+ createAttribute true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createAttributeNS true function
Opera-8.0+ createAttributeNS true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createCDATASection true function
Opera-8.0+ createCDATASection true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createComment true function
IE-6.0+ createComment true function
Opera-8.0+ createComment true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createDocumentFragment true function
IE-6.0+ createDocumentFragment true function
Opera-8.0+ createDocumentFragment true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createElement true function
IE-6.0+ createElement true function
Opera-8.0+ createElement true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createElementNS true function
Opera-8.0+ createElementNS true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createEntityReference true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createEvent true function
Opera-8.0+ createEvent true function
IE-6.0+ createEventObject true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createExpression true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createNSResolver true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createNodeIterator true function
Opera-8.0+ createNodeIterator true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createProcessingInstruction true function
Opera-8.0+ createProcessingInstruction true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createRange true function
Opera-8.0+ createRange true function
IE-6.0+ createStyleSheet true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createTextNode true function
IE-6.0+ createTextNode true function
Opera-8.0+ createTextNode true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createTreeWalker true function
Opera-8.0+ createTreeWalker true function
IE-6.0+ defaultCharset true string
Gecko-1.0.1+ defaultView true object [object Window]
Opera-8.0+ defaultView true object [object Window]
Gecko-1.4+ designMode true string off
Gecko-1.7.8+ designMode false string off
IE-6.0+ designMode false string Off
IE-6.0+ detachEvent true function
Opera-8.0+ detachEvent true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ dir true string ltr
Gecko-1.7.8+ dir false string ltr
IE-6.0+ dir false string
Opera-8.0+ dir false string
Gecko-1.0.1+ dispatchEvent true function
Opera-8.0+ dispatchEvent true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ doctype true object [object DocumentType]
IE-6.0+ doctype true object null
Opera-8.0+ doctype true object [object DocumentType]
Opera-8.0+ document true object [object HTMLDocument]
Gecko-1.0.1+ documentElement true object [object HTMLHtmlElement]
IE-6.0+ documentElement true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ documentElement true object [object HTMLHtmlElement]
Gecko-1.7.8+ documentURI true string
Gecko-1.7.8+ domConfig true unknown
Gecko-1.0.1+ domain unknown unknown unknown
Gecko-1.7.8+ domain true object null
IE-6.0+ domain false string
Opera-8.0+ domain false string
IE-6.0+ elementFromPoint true function
Opera-8.0+ elementFromPoint true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ embeds true object [object HTMLCollection]
IE-6.0+ embeds true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ embeds true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ evaluate true function
Gecko-1.4+ execCommand true function
IE-6.0+ execCommand true function
Gecko-1.4+ execCommandShowHelp true function
IE-6.0+ expando false boolean true
Gecko-1.0.1+ fgColor false string
Gecko-1.4+ fgColor false string #000000
IE-6.0+ fgColor false string #000000
Opera-8.0+ fgColor false string #000000
IE-6.0+ fileCreatedDate true string [depends on document]
IE-6.0+ fileModifiedDate true string [depends on document]
IE-6.0+ fileSize true string [depends on document]
IE-6.0+ fileUpdatedDate unknown unknown unknown
Gecko-1.0.1+ firstChild true object [object DocumentType]
IE-6.0+ firstChild true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ firstChild true object [object HTMLHtmlElement]
IE-6.0+ focus true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ forms true object [object HTMLCollection]
IE-6.0+ forms true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ forms true function
IE-6.0+ frames true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ frames true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getAnonymousElementByAttribute true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getAnonymousNodes true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getBindingParent true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getBoxObjectFor true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getElementById true function
IE-6.0+ getElementById true function
Opera-8.0+ getElementById true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getElementsByName true function
IE-6.0+ getElementsByName true function
Opera-8.0+ getElementsByName true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getElementsByTagName true function
IE-6.0+ getElementsByTagName true function
Opera-8.0+ getElementsByTagName true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getElementsByTagNameNS true function
Opera-8.0+ getElementsByTagNameNS true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ getFeature true function
Opera-8.0+ getFeature true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getSelection true function
Opera-8.0+ getSelection true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ getUserData true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ hasAttributes true function
Opera-8.0+ hasAttributes true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ hasChildNodes true function
Opera-8.0+ hasChildNodes true function
IE-6.0+ hasFocus true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ height true number 0
Gecko-1.0.1+ images true object [object HTMLCollection]
IE-6.0+ images true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ images true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ implementation true object [object DOMImplementation]
IE-6.0+ implementation true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ implementation true object [object DOMImplementation]
Gecko-1.0.1+ importNode true function
Opera-8.0+ importNode true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ insertBefore true function
Opera-8.0+ insertBefore true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ isDefaultNamespace true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ isEqualNode true function
Gecko-1.4+ isSameNode true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ isSupported true function
Opera-8.0+ isSupported true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ lastChild true object [object HTMLHtmlElement]
IE-6.0+ lastChild true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ lastChild true object [object HTMLHtmlElement]
Gecko-1.0.1+ lastModified true string January 1, 1970 GMT
Gecko-1.4+ lastModified true string
Gecko-1.7.8+ lastModified true string [depends on document]
IE-6.0+ lastModified true string [depends on document]
Opera-8.0+ lastModified true string [depends on document]
Opera-8.0+ length false number 0
Gecko-1.0.1+ linkColor false string
Gecko-1.4+ linkColor false string #0000ee
IE-6.0+ linkColor false string #0000ff
Opera-8.0+ linkColor false string
Gecko-1.0.1+ links true object [object HTMLCollection]
IE-6.0+ links true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ links true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ loadBindingDocument true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ localName true object null
Opera-8.0+ localName true object null
IE-6.0+ location true object [depends on document]
Opera-8.0+ location false object [depends on document]
Gecko-1.4+ lookupNamespacePrefix true function
Gecko-1.4+ lookupNamespaceURI true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ lookupPrefix true function
IE-6.0+ media true string
IE-6.0+ mergeAttributes true function
IE-6.0+ mimeType true unknown File
IE-6.0+ nameProp true string Object not found!
Gecko-1.0.1+ namespaceURI true object null
Opera-8.0+ namespaceURI true object null
IE-6.0+ namespaces true object [object]
Gecko-1.0.1+ nextSibling true object null
IE-6.0+ nextSibling true object null
Opera-8.0+ nextSibling true object null
Gecko-1.0.1+ nodeName true string #document
IE-6.0+ nodeName true string #document
Opera-8.0+ nodeName true string #document
Gecko-1.0.1+ nodeType true number 9
IE-6.0+ nodeType true number 9
Opera-8.0+ nodeType true number 9
Gecko-1.0.1+ nodeValue true object null
Gecko-1.7.8+ nodeValue false object null
IE-6.0+ nodeValue true object null
Opera-8.0+ nodeValue false object null
Gecko-1.0.1+ normalize true function
Opera-8.0+ normalize true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ normalizeDocument true function
IE-6.0+ onactivate false object null
IE-6.0+ onafterupdate false object null
IE-6.0+ onbeforeactivate false object null
IE-6.0+ onbeforecut false object null
IE-6.0+ onbeforedeactivate false object null
IE-6.0+ onbeforeeditfocus false object null
IE-6.0+ onbeforepaste false object null
IE-6.0+ onbeforeupdate false object null
IE-6.0+ oncellchange false object null
IE-6.0+ onclick false object null
IE-6.0+ oncontextmenu false object null
IE-6.0+ oncontrolselect false object null
IE-6.0+ oncut false object null
IE-6.0+ ondataavailable false object null
IE-6.0+ ondatasetchanged false object null
IE-6.0+ ondatasetcomplete false object null
IE-6.0+ ondblclick false object null
IE-6.0+ ondeactivate false object null
IE-6.0+ ondrag false object null
IE-6.0+ ondragend false object null
IE-6.0+ ondragenter false object null
IE-6.0+ ondragleave false object null
IE-6.0+ ondragover false object null
IE-6.0+ ondragstart false object null
IE-6.0+ ondrop false object null
IE-6.0+ onerrorupdate false object null
IE-6.0+ onfocusin false object null
IE-6.0+ onfocusout false object null
IE-6.0+ onhelp false object null
IE-6.0+ onkeydown false object null
IE-6.0+ onkeypress false object null
IE-6.0+ onkeyup false object null
IE-6.0+ onmousedown false object null
IE-6.0+ onmousemove false object null
IE-6.0+ onmouseout false object null
IE-6.0+ onmouseover false object null
IE-6.0+ onmouseup false object null
IE-6.0+ onmousewheel false object null
IE-6.0+ onmove false object null
IE-6.0+ onmoveend false object null
IE-6.0+ onmovestart false object null
IE-6.0+ onpaste false object null
IE-6.0+ onpropertychange false object null
IE-6.0+ onreadystatechange false object null
IE-6.0+ onresizeend false object null
IE-6.0+ onresizestart false object null
IE-6.0+ onrowenter false object null
IE-6.0+ onrowexit false object null
IE-6.0+ onrowsdelete false object null
IE-6.0+ onrowsinserted false object null
IE-6.0+ onselectionchange false object null
IE-6.0+ onselectstart false object null
IE-6.0+ onstop false object null
Gecko-1.0.1+ open true function
IE-6.0+ open true function
Opera-8.0+ open true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ ownerDocument true object null
IE-6.0+ ownerDocument true object null
Opera-8.0+ ownerDocument true object null
Gecko-1.0.1+ parentNode true object null
IE-6.0+ parentNode true object null
Opera-8.0+ parentNode true object null
IE-6.0+ parentWindow true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ parentWindow true object [object Window]
Gecko-1.0.1+ plugins true object [object HTMLCollection]
IE-6.0+ plugins true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ plugins true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ prefix true object null
Opera-8.0+ prefix false object null
Gecko-1.0.1+ previousSibling true object null
IE-6.0+ previousSibling true object null
Opera-8.0+ previousSibling true object null
IE-6.0+ protocol false string [depends on document]
Gecko-1.4+ queryCommandEnabled true function
IE-6.0+ queryCommandEnabled true function
Gecko-1.4+ queryCommandIndeterm true function
IE-6.0+ queryCommandIndeterm true function
Gecko-1.4+ queryCommandState true function
IE-6.0+ queryCommandState true function
Gecko-1.4+ queryCommandSupported true function
IE-6.0+ queryCommandSupported true function
Gecko-1.4+ queryCommandText true function
Gecko-1.4+ queryCommandValue true function
IE-6.0+ queryCommandValue true function
IE-6.0+ readyState true string [uninitialize | loading | loaded | interactive | complete]
Opera-8.0+ readyState false string complete
IE-6.0+ recalc true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ referrer true string
IE-6.0+ referrer true string
Opera-8.0+ referrer true string
IE-6.0+ releaseCapture true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ releaseEvents true function
Opera-8.0+ releaseEvents true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ removeBinding true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ removeChild true function
Opera-8.0+ removeChild true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ removeEventListener true function
Opera-8.0+ removeEventListener true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ renameNode true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ replaceChild true function
Opera-8.0+ replaceChild true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ routeEvent true function
IE-6.0+ scripts true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ scripts true function
IE-6.0+ security true string This type of document does not have a security certificate.
IE-6.0+ selection true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ selection false object [object Selection]
IE-6.0+ setActive true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ setBoxObjectFor true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ setUserData true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ strictErrorChecking false boolean true
Gecko-0.9.3+ styleSheets true object [object StyleSheetList]
IE-6.0+ styleSheets true object [object]
Gecko-1.7.8+ textContent false object null
Gecko-1.0.1+ title false string
IE-6.0+ title false string [depends on document]
Opera-8.0+ title false string
IE-6.0+ uniqueID true string
Gecko-1.0.1+ vlinkColor false string
Gecko-1.7.8+ vlinkColor false string #551a8b
IE-6.0+ vlinkColor false string #800080
Opera-8.0+ vlinkColor false string
Gecko-1.0.1+ width true number
Gecko-1.0.1+ write true function
IE-6.0+ write true function
Opera-8.0+ write true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ writeln true function
IE-6.0+ writeln true function
Opera-8.0+ writeln true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ xmlEncoding true object null
Gecko-1.7.8+ xmlStandalone true boolean false
Gecko-1.7.8+ xmlVersion true object null

ref. http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/DOM_Client_Object_Cross-Reference:document
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[강좌] debug 창

ITWeb/개발일반 2007.04.06 15:26
간단한 prototype 만 있습니다.


1. 개요
alert 형태의 client debugging 이 불편해서 브라우저에 디버그 창을 띄워 놓고 메시지를 출력한다.

2. 특성

3. 라이센스
그런거 없고 막 가져다 쓰고 임의 수정해도 무관하다. ^^*

4. version

5. 첨부된 파일
*.js 는 javascript class 또는 package 이고, *.html 은 샘플 prototype

- debug.html
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<script src="web.js"></script>
<script src="web.util.js"></script>
<script src="web.util.element.js"></script>
<script src="web.util.debug.js"> </script>
<input type=button value="DEBUG WINDOW ON/OFF" onclick="web.util.debug.init('oWebDebug')">
<input type=button value="DEBUG LOGGING" onclick="web.util.debug.log('test')">
<input type=button value="DEBUG CLEAN" onclick="web.util.debug.set_clean()">
<input type=button value="DEBUG TIME SWITCH" onclick="web.util.debug.set_time_switch()">
<input type=button value="DEBUG CLOSE SWITCH" onclick="web.util.debug.set_close()">
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