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  1. 2007.09.06 DOM Client Object Cross-Reference:document

DOM Client Object Cross-Reference:document

ITWeb/개발일반 2007.09.06 00:06

DOM Client Object Cross-Reference:document

From MDC

User Agent Property Read Only Data Type Default Value
Gecko-1.0.1+ ATTRIBUTE_NODE false number 2
Gecko-1.0.1+ CDATA_SECTION_NODE false number 4
Gecko-1.0.1+ COMMENT_NODE false number 8
Gecko-1.0.1+ DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT_NODE false number 11
Gecko-1.0.1+ DOCUMENT_NODE false number 9
Gecko-1.7.8+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINED_BY false number 16
Gecko-1.4+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINS false number 4
Gecko-1.7.8+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINS false number 8
Gecko-1.7.8+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_DISCONNECTED false number 1
Gecko-1.4+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_FOLLOWING false number 2
Gecko-1.7.8+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_FOLLOWING false number 4
Gecko-1.4+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_IS_CONTAINED false number 8
Gecko-1.4+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_PRECEDING false number 1
Gecko-1.7.8+ DOCUMENT_POSITION_PRECEDING false number 2
Gecko-1.0.1+ DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE false number 10
Gecko-1.0.1+ ELEMENT_NODE false number 1
Gecko-1.0.1+ ENTITY_NODE false number 6
Gecko-1.0.1+ ENTITY_REFERENCE_NODE false number 5
Gecko-1.0.1+ NOTATION_NODE false number 12
Gecko-1.0.1+ PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION_NODE false number 7
Gecko-1.0.1+ TEXT_NODE false number 3
Gecko-1.0.1+ URL true string
IE-6.0+ URL true string
Opera-8.0+ URL true string
IE-6.0+ URLUnencoded true string
IE-6.0+ XMLDocument true object
IE-6.0+ XSLDocument true object
IE-6.0+ activeElement true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ activeElement false object null
Gecko-1.7.8+ actualEncoding true string ISO-8859-1
Gecko-1.0.1+ addBinding true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ addEventListener true function
Opera-8.0+ addEventListener true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ adoptNode true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ alinkColor false string
Gecko-1.4+ alinkColor false string #0000ee
Gecko-1.7.8+ alinkColor false string #ee0000
IE-6.0+ alinkColor false string #0000ff
Opera-8.0+ alinkColor false string
IE-6.0+ all true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ all true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ anchors true object [object HTMLCollection]
IE-6.0+ anchors true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ anchors true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ appendChild true function
Opera-8.0+ appendChild true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ applets true object [object HTMLCollection]
IE-6.0+ applets true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ applets true function
IE-6.0+ attachEvent true function
Opera-8.0+ attachEvent true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ attributes true object null
IE-6.0+ attributes true object null
Opera-8.0+ attributes true object null
Gecko-1.4+ baseURI true string
Gecko-1.0.1+ bgColor false string #ffffff
IE-6.0+ bgColor false string #ffffff
Opera-8.0+ bgColor false string
Gecko-1.0.1+ body true object [object HTMLBodyElement]
Gecko-1.7.8+ body false object [object HTMLBodyElement]
IE-6.0+ body true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ body false object [object HTMLBodyElement]
Gecko-1.0.1+ captureEvents true function
Opera-8.0+ captureEvents true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ characterSet true string
Gecko-1.7.8+ characterSet true string ISO-8859-1
IE-6.0+ charset false string
Gecko-1.0.1+ childNodes true object [object NodeList]
IE-6.0+ childNodes true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ childNodes true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ clear true function
IE-6.0+ clear true function
Opera-8.0+ clear true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ cloneNode true function
Opera-8.0+ cloneNode true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ close true function
IE-6.0+ close true function
Opera-8.0+ close true function
Gecko-1.4+ compareDocumentPosition true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ compatMode true string BackCompat
IE-6.0+ compatMode true string [BackCompat | CSS1Compat]
Opera-8.0+ compatMode false string QuirksMode
Gecko-1.0.1+ contentType true string text/html
Gecko-1.0.1+ cookie false string
IE-6.0+ cookie false string
Opera-8.0+ cookie false string
Gecko-1.0.1+ createAttribute true function
IE-6.0+ createAttribute true function
Opera-8.0+ createAttribute true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createAttributeNS true function
Opera-8.0+ createAttributeNS true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createCDATASection true function
Opera-8.0+ createCDATASection true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createComment true function
IE-6.0+ createComment true function
Opera-8.0+ createComment true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createDocumentFragment true function
IE-6.0+ createDocumentFragment true function
Opera-8.0+ createDocumentFragment true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createElement true function
IE-6.0+ createElement true function
Opera-8.0+ createElement true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createElementNS true function
Opera-8.0+ createElementNS true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createEntityReference true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createEvent true function
Opera-8.0+ createEvent true function
IE-6.0+ createEventObject true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createExpression true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createNSResolver true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createNodeIterator true function
Opera-8.0+ createNodeIterator true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createProcessingInstruction true function
Opera-8.0+ createProcessingInstruction true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createRange true function
Opera-8.0+ createRange true function
IE-6.0+ createStyleSheet true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createTextNode true function
IE-6.0+ createTextNode true function
Opera-8.0+ createTextNode true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ createTreeWalker true function
Opera-8.0+ createTreeWalker true function
IE-6.0+ defaultCharset true string
Gecko-1.0.1+ defaultView true object [object Window]
Opera-8.0+ defaultView true object [object Window]
Gecko-1.4+ designMode true string off
Gecko-1.7.8+ designMode false string off
IE-6.0+ designMode false string Off
IE-6.0+ detachEvent true function
Opera-8.0+ detachEvent true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ dir true string ltr
Gecko-1.7.8+ dir false string ltr
IE-6.0+ dir false string
Opera-8.0+ dir false string
Gecko-1.0.1+ dispatchEvent true function
Opera-8.0+ dispatchEvent true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ doctype true object [object DocumentType]
IE-6.0+ doctype true object null
Opera-8.0+ doctype true object [object DocumentType]
Opera-8.0+ document true object [object HTMLDocument]
Gecko-1.0.1+ documentElement true object [object HTMLHtmlElement]
IE-6.0+ documentElement true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ documentElement true object [object HTMLHtmlElement]
Gecko-1.7.8+ documentURI true string
Gecko-1.7.8+ domConfig true unknown
Gecko-1.0.1+ domain unknown unknown unknown
Gecko-1.7.8+ domain true object null
IE-6.0+ domain false string
Opera-8.0+ domain false string
IE-6.0+ elementFromPoint true function
Opera-8.0+ elementFromPoint true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ embeds true object [object HTMLCollection]
IE-6.0+ embeds true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ embeds true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ evaluate true function
Gecko-1.4+ execCommand true function
IE-6.0+ execCommand true function
Gecko-1.4+ execCommandShowHelp true function
IE-6.0+ expando false boolean true
Gecko-1.0.1+ fgColor false string
Gecko-1.4+ fgColor false string #000000
IE-6.0+ fgColor false string #000000
Opera-8.0+ fgColor false string #000000
IE-6.0+ fileCreatedDate true string [depends on document]
IE-6.0+ fileModifiedDate true string [depends on document]
IE-6.0+ fileSize true string [depends on document]
IE-6.0+ fileUpdatedDate unknown unknown unknown
Gecko-1.0.1+ firstChild true object [object DocumentType]
IE-6.0+ firstChild true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ firstChild true object [object HTMLHtmlElement]
IE-6.0+ focus true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ forms true object [object HTMLCollection]
IE-6.0+ forms true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ forms true function
IE-6.0+ frames true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ frames true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getAnonymousElementByAttribute true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getAnonymousNodes true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getBindingParent true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getBoxObjectFor true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getElementById true function
IE-6.0+ getElementById true function
Opera-8.0+ getElementById true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getElementsByName true function
IE-6.0+ getElementsByName true function
Opera-8.0+ getElementsByName true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getElementsByTagName true function
IE-6.0+ getElementsByTagName true function
Opera-8.0+ getElementsByTagName true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getElementsByTagNameNS true function
Opera-8.0+ getElementsByTagNameNS true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ getFeature true function
Opera-8.0+ getFeature true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ getSelection true function
Opera-8.0+ getSelection true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ getUserData true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ hasAttributes true function
Opera-8.0+ hasAttributes true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ hasChildNodes true function
Opera-8.0+ hasChildNodes true function
IE-6.0+ hasFocus true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ height true number 0
Gecko-1.0.1+ images true object [object HTMLCollection]
IE-6.0+ images true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ images true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ implementation true object [object DOMImplementation]
IE-6.0+ implementation true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ implementation true object [object DOMImplementation]
Gecko-1.0.1+ importNode true function
Opera-8.0+ importNode true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ insertBefore true function
Opera-8.0+ insertBefore true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ isDefaultNamespace true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ isEqualNode true function
Gecko-1.4+ isSameNode true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ isSupported true function
Opera-8.0+ isSupported true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ lastChild true object [object HTMLHtmlElement]
IE-6.0+ lastChild true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ lastChild true object [object HTMLHtmlElement]
Gecko-1.0.1+ lastModified true string January 1, 1970 GMT
Gecko-1.4+ lastModified true string
Gecko-1.7.8+ lastModified true string [depends on document]
IE-6.0+ lastModified true string [depends on document]
Opera-8.0+ lastModified true string [depends on document]
Opera-8.0+ length false number 0
Gecko-1.0.1+ linkColor false string
Gecko-1.4+ linkColor false string #0000ee
IE-6.0+ linkColor false string #0000ff
Opera-8.0+ linkColor false string
Gecko-1.0.1+ links true object [object HTMLCollection]
IE-6.0+ links true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ links true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ loadBindingDocument true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ localName true object null
Opera-8.0+ localName true object null
IE-6.0+ location true object [depends on document]
Opera-8.0+ location false object [depends on document]
Gecko-1.4+ lookupNamespacePrefix true function
Gecko-1.4+ lookupNamespaceURI true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ lookupPrefix true function
IE-6.0+ media true string
IE-6.0+ mergeAttributes true function
IE-6.0+ mimeType true unknown File
IE-6.0+ nameProp true string Object not found!
Gecko-1.0.1+ namespaceURI true object null
Opera-8.0+ namespaceURI true object null
IE-6.0+ namespaces true object [object]
Gecko-1.0.1+ nextSibling true object null
IE-6.0+ nextSibling true object null
Opera-8.0+ nextSibling true object null
Gecko-1.0.1+ nodeName true string #document
IE-6.0+ nodeName true string #document
Opera-8.0+ nodeName true string #document
Gecko-1.0.1+ nodeType true number 9
IE-6.0+ nodeType true number 9
Opera-8.0+ nodeType true number 9
Gecko-1.0.1+ nodeValue true object null
Gecko-1.7.8+ nodeValue false object null
IE-6.0+ nodeValue true object null
Opera-8.0+ nodeValue false object null
Gecko-1.0.1+ normalize true function
Opera-8.0+ normalize true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ normalizeDocument true function
IE-6.0+ onactivate false object null
IE-6.0+ onafterupdate false object null
IE-6.0+ onbeforeactivate false object null
IE-6.0+ onbeforecut false object null
IE-6.0+ onbeforedeactivate false object null
IE-6.0+ onbeforeeditfocus false object null
IE-6.0+ onbeforepaste false object null
IE-6.0+ onbeforeupdate false object null
IE-6.0+ oncellchange false object null
IE-6.0+ onclick false object null
IE-6.0+ oncontextmenu false object null
IE-6.0+ oncontrolselect false object null
IE-6.0+ oncut false object null
IE-6.0+ ondataavailable false object null
IE-6.0+ ondatasetchanged false object null
IE-6.0+ ondatasetcomplete false object null
IE-6.0+ ondblclick false object null
IE-6.0+ ondeactivate false object null
IE-6.0+ ondrag false object null
IE-6.0+ ondragend false object null
IE-6.0+ ondragenter false object null
IE-6.0+ ondragleave false object null
IE-6.0+ ondragover false object null
IE-6.0+ ondragstart false object null
IE-6.0+ ondrop false object null
IE-6.0+ onerrorupdate false object null
IE-6.0+ onfocusin false object null
IE-6.0+ onfocusout false object null
IE-6.0+ onhelp false object null
IE-6.0+ onkeydown false object null
IE-6.0+ onkeypress false object null
IE-6.0+ onkeyup false object null
IE-6.0+ onmousedown false object null
IE-6.0+ onmousemove false object null
IE-6.0+ onmouseout false object null
IE-6.0+ onmouseover false object null
IE-6.0+ onmouseup false object null
IE-6.0+ onmousewheel false object null
IE-6.0+ onmove false object null
IE-6.0+ onmoveend false object null
IE-6.0+ onmovestart false object null
IE-6.0+ onpaste false object null
IE-6.0+ onpropertychange false object null
IE-6.0+ onreadystatechange false object null
IE-6.0+ onresizeend false object null
IE-6.0+ onresizestart false object null
IE-6.0+ onrowenter false object null
IE-6.0+ onrowexit false object null
IE-6.0+ onrowsdelete false object null
IE-6.0+ onrowsinserted false object null
IE-6.0+ onselectionchange false object null
IE-6.0+ onselectstart false object null
IE-6.0+ onstop false object null
Gecko-1.0.1+ open true function
IE-6.0+ open true function
Opera-8.0+ open true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ ownerDocument true object null
IE-6.0+ ownerDocument true object null
Opera-8.0+ ownerDocument true object null
Gecko-1.0.1+ parentNode true object null
IE-6.0+ parentNode true object null
Opera-8.0+ parentNode true object null
IE-6.0+ parentWindow true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ parentWindow true object [object Window]
Gecko-1.0.1+ plugins true object [object HTMLCollection]
IE-6.0+ plugins true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ plugins true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ prefix true object null
Opera-8.0+ prefix false object null
Gecko-1.0.1+ previousSibling true object null
IE-6.0+ previousSibling true object null
Opera-8.0+ previousSibling true object null
IE-6.0+ protocol false string [depends on document]
Gecko-1.4+ queryCommandEnabled true function
IE-6.0+ queryCommandEnabled true function
Gecko-1.4+ queryCommandIndeterm true function
IE-6.0+ queryCommandIndeterm true function
Gecko-1.4+ queryCommandState true function
IE-6.0+ queryCommandState true function
Gecko-1.4+ queryCommandSupported true function
IE-6.0+ queryCommandSupported true function
Gecko-1.4+ queryCommandText true function
Gecko-1.4+ queryCommandValue true function
IE-6.0+ queryCommandValue true function
IE-6.0+ readyState true string [uninitialize | loading | loaded | interactive | complete]
Opera-8.0+ readyState false string complete
IE-6.0+ recalc true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ referrer true string
IE-6.0+ referrer true string
Opera-8.0+ referrer true string
IE-6.0+ releaseCapture true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ releaseEvents true function
Opera-8.0+ releaseEvents true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ removeBinding true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ removeChild true function
Opera-8.0+ removeChild true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ removeEventListener true function
Opera-8.0+ removeEventListener true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ renameNode true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ replaceChild true function
Opera-8.0+ replaceChild true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ routeEvent true function
IE-6.0+ scripts true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ scripts true function
IE-6.0+ security true string This type of document does not have a security certificate.
IE-6.0+ selection true object [object]
Opera-8.0+ selection false object [object Selection]
IE-6.0+ setActive true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ setBoxObjectFor true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ setUserData true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ strictErrorChecking false boolean true
Gecko-0.9.3+ styleSheets true object [object StyleSheetList]
IE-6.0+ styleSheets true object [object]
Gecko-1.7.8+ textContent false object null
Gecko-1.0.1+ title false string
IE-6.0+ title false string [depends on document]
Opera-8.0+ title false string
IE-6.0+ uniqueID true string
Gecko-1.0.1+ vlinkColor false string
Gecko-1.7.8+ vlinkColor false string #551a8b
IE-6.0+ vlinkColor false string #800080
Opera-8.0+ vlinkColor false string
Gecko-1.0.1+ width true number
Gecko-1.0.1+ write true function
IE-6.0+ write true function
Opera-8.0+ write true function
Gecko-1.0.1+ writeln true function
IE-6.0+ writeln true function
Opera-8.0+ writeln true function
Gecko-1.7.8+ xmlEncoding true object null
Gecko-1.7.8+ xmlStandalone true boolean false
Gecko-1.7.8+ xmlVersion true object null

ref. http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/DOM_Client_Object_Cross-Reference:document
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