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  1. 2015.05.22 [Elasticsearch] Deprecated APIs
  2. 2014.02.14 [elasitcsearch] deprecated _boost by 1.0.0

[Elasticsearch] Deprecated APIs

Elastic/Elasticsearch 2015.05.22 16:52

Bulk UDP has been deprecated and will be removed in 2.0. 

The More Like This Field query has been deprecated in favor of the More Like This Query restrained set to a specific field. It will be removed in 2.0.

  • The text query has been removed. Use the match query instead.
  • The field query has been removed. Use the query_string query instead.
  • Per-document boosting with the _boost field has been removed. You can use thefunction_score instead.
  • The path parameter in mappings has been deprecated. Use the copy_to parameter instead.
  • The custom_score and custom_boost_score is no longer supported. You can use function_score instead.

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[elasitcsearch] deprecated _boost by 1.0.0

Elastic/Elasticsearch 2014.02.14 18:18


_boost  도 1.0.0  에서는 삭제 되었내요.

 대신 문서에 나와 있는 것 처럼  function_score  를 이용해서 사용하라는데 뭐 이건 그냥 query boosting script  내요.. ㅋ

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