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[영어학습] 2013-04-17

영어학습 2013.04.25 00:21
I woke up at about 7 AM.
I went into the kitchen/bathroom/living room.
I'm in the English section at Kyobo bookstore.
He put his bag in the overhead baggage compartment.
in/into : space/container
on : surface
at : place
I [went into the bathroom and] took a shower.
I put on the clothes > I got dressed.
I went out of home > I left home.
I got on the bus <> I got off the bus.
It was full so I stood > It was full so I had to stand up.
I went through the turnstile.
I walked onto+ the platform and waited for the train/subway [train]
I served[formal] her breakfast. / I gave[casual] her breakfast.
in + month = in April
I went up/down the escalator
I dressed her(very young) < I got her dressed < I helped her get dressed(getting older) < she got dressed(older)
I dropped off my daughter at her child care center, after which I walked down some stairs to the car park where my car was.
I went up the stairs and out through Exit 4.
and then / then / after that / after which


○the first edition of my book

○changed /dzt/


○I edited the first edition

○from X to Y 

○I edited the first edition from Saturday to Tuesday



○active: I tried to translate it into Japanese

○passive: I tried to get it translated into Japanese

○he still replied = he still hasn’t replied / he hasn’t 

replied yet

○hayfever - 건초열

○laryngitis - 후두염

○bronchitis - 기관지염

○ wheelchair - 바퀴의자

○a fast-ageing disease

○in April  >> this month

○I will take it easy this week

○antibiotics - 

[명사] (주로 복수로) 항생제, 항생물질

The doctor put her on antibiotics.

의사는 그녀에게 항생제를 처방했다.

○colds and viruses - vaccine

○bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics

○almost Korean doctors = most Korean doctors

○symptoms - 증상

○Q. What are the usual symptoms of a cold?

A. Cold symptoms include coughing, fever and 

chills, headache, a sore throat and a runny nose.

Q. What are the usual symptoms of a chest 


A. The symptoms of a chest infection can appear 

very similar to the symptoms of a cold or a flu.

○Q. What happens when your nose runs and your 

feet smell?

A. You’re built upside-down.

○you can smell [v.] things with your nose

○feet often smell [adj.]

○your feet can run

your nose can also run

○I woke up at about


○diaper - 마름모꼴 무늬가 있는 천

○I went into the kitchen/living room/bathroom

○bowl [very rounded]

○I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast

○I [went into the bathroom and] took a shower

○brushed /sht/

○ mashed

○teese teeth /θ/

○I put on my clothes = I got dressed

○I went out of home = I left home

○I got on the bus > I got off the bus

○there were it was full so I stood I had to stand up

○stairs / a set of stairs / a flight of stairs / one step

○I went through the turnstile 회전식 문

○platform - 

What platform does it go from?

그 기차는 어느 플랫폼에서 떠나나요?

○at about 8 am

○I drank some+ water

○I had did my makeup

○do + makeup / do + hair

○ minutes


○ walked /워kt/ vs. woRked /weRkt/

○ were +kt

○arrivedt vs. lift

○I arrived at the Kangnam Station

○I took went up/down the escalator

○to scan/swipe/show your pass/ticket/card

○I walked onto+ the platform and waited for the train/subway [train]

○subway = 지하철

○I caught the bus

I caught the subway [train]

○I brushed my teeth

○ washed /sht/



○I prepared her bag / I packed her bag +for 


○kindergarten / pre-school - 유치원

creche /kreIsh/ / childcare center - 놀이방

○I made/cooked her baked fish for breakfast

I served [formal] /gave [casual] her breakfast

○ wake - woke - woken

○and then / then / after that / after which

○very young - I dressed her

getting older - I got her dressed / I helped her 

get dressed

older - she got dressed

○I went out left home

○ we took the elevator down to the car park / 

bottom floor / ground floor / basement

○the apartment building

the apartment complex [group of apartments]

○ we arrived at my daughter’s child care center

○I dropped my daughter off at her child care 

center / I dropped off my daughter at her child 

care center, after which I walked down some 

stairs to the car park where my car was.

○I got on the train and...

○it was...


half empty

half full


crowded / packed / jam-packed

○It was packed so I had to squeeze in

○at Sadang Station I transferred to the blue line to 

go to Dongdaemun Station.

Chikory Ventures Session Notes 8○I went/walked up/down the stairs onto the 


○At Wangshimni Station I transferred from the blue 

line to the yellow line

○the train was empty so I could sit down

○I scanned my ticket and walked through the 


○I sat down at my desk

○tree / train vs 트rain

○it was only half full so I got a good seat

○travel schedule = i-ti-ne-ra-ry 여객의 여행 개시부터 종료

○English hates doubles:

I exited Exit 4 > I left via Exit 4

○I went up the stairs and out through Exit 4


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맥북 키보드 remapping.

ITWeb/서버관리 2013.04.05 17:21


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elasticsearch-jetty plugin run tips

Elastic/Elasticsearch 2013.02.05 17:13

I have installed the elasticsearch-jetty plugin on my box.

My box is configured by single instance using elasticsearch.

By the way, It's not working on my box.


So, I analyzed the configuration that elasticsearch-jetty is working.

Finally, I found difference assets.

[Not Working Configure]

- It just configured used Single Instance.

[Working Configure] 

- It just configured used Multiple Instance.

I don't know what is the exact reason.

I'll deep dive the problem soon.

I referenced the below url.


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Elasticsearch jetty plugin + authenticate

Elastic/Elasticsearch 2013.02.02 22:38

I didn't install this plugin(elasticsearch-jetty) but it will apply on my ES soon.
More detail information read the below url.



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[qmail] control 파일 설명

ITWeb/서버관리 2012.05.14 19:59



qmail은 하나의 전체 설정 파일을 사용하지 않고 /var/qmail/control/ 안에 다음과 같이 분리되고 각각의 기능을 하는 설정파일들을 사용합니다. 각 설정 파일들의 목적은 매우 뚜렷하고 이해와 수정이 용이합니다. 다음 콘트롤 파일들이 모두 존재하고 있어야 하는 것은 아니며, 필요에 따라 만들어 줍니다. -- 임은재 2004-04-15 21:25:37

  • bounce : 어떤 이유로든 메일이 되돌려 질때 (from: 헤더가 있는 경우)
  • double bounce : bounce 한 메일이 다시 되돌아 오는 경우
  • me 는 FQDN으로 명기한 도메인 명이 적혀있는 me 라는 파일을 의미합니다.
Control 파일Default사용설명
rcpthosts없음qmail-smtpd메일을 받아들일 도메인(들)
badmailfrom없음qmail-smtpd이 메일주소로 부터 오는 메일은 553 sorry, your envelope sender is in my badmailfrom list 라는 메세지와 함께 무조건 User unknown으로 bounce 한다.
bouncefromMAILER-DAEMONqmail-sendbounce 할때 메일의 from: 헤더에 들어갈 유저 이름.
bouncehostmeqmail-sendbounce 할때 메일의 from: 헤더에 들어갈 호스트 이름.
concurrencylocal10qmail-send로컬 메일 배달시 qmail-send의 동시 최대 프로세스의 수를 조절
concurrencyremote20qmail-send리모트 메일 배달시의 qmail-send 동시 최대 프로세스 수를 조절
databytes0qmail-smtpd메일의 최대 크기(byte, 0 = 무제한)
doublebouncehostmeqmail-senddouble bounce 된 메일을 수신할 호스트
doublebouncetopostmasterqmail-senddouble bounce 된 메일을 받을 유저
envnoathostmeqmail-send메일주소에 @ 가 명시되지 않았을 경우의 디폴트 도메인 이름
helohostmeqmail-remoteSMTP HELO 명령에 표시될 호스트 이름
localiphostmeqmail-smtpd로컬 IP 주소가 대체될 이름
localsmeqmail-send로컬로 인식하며 배달할 도메인(들)
me시스템의 FQDN.다른 콘트롤 파일을 위해 쓰임
morercpthosts없음qmail-smtpd두번째 rcpthosts 파일
percenthack없음qmail-send"%"-형식의 릴레이를 사용 할 수 있는 도메인
plusdomainmeqmail-injectdomain substituted for trailing "+"
qmqpservers없음qmail-qmqpcQMQP 서버의 IP 주소
queuelifetime604800qmail-send메세지가 메일 큐안에 머물 수 있는 시간 (초단위)
smtpgreetingmeqmail-smtpdSMTP greeting message
smtproutes없음qmail-remoteartificial SMTP routes
timeoutconnect60qmail-remoteSMTP 연결 대기 시간 (초)
timeoutremote1200qmail-remote리모트 서버 연결 대기 시간 (초)
timeoutsmtpd1200qmail-smtpdSMTP client 대기 시간 (초)
virtualdomains없음qmail-send가상 도메인들과 유저들
defaultdomainmeqmail-inject기본 도메인 이름
defaulthostmeqmail-inject기본 호스트 이름
idhostmeqmail-injectMessage-ID 에 사용될 호스트 이름

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